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Are you a manufacturer or a wholesaler, and your warehouses are overcrowded or you have an obsolete trade and want to dispose of part of your stock, you can offer your goods to us. This can be done by telephone, e-mail or by means of the following form. Provide your data and we will contact you within 1 working day. We then ensure proper handling.

You can of course also contact us by e-mail and telephone for other questions.


Diamond Star Trading also provides export trade around the world. We do this per container, in boxes and / or pallets. Here too we are your trading partner. The goods we ship are very diverse. Consider goods such as small electrical, Bric-a brac, decoration material, household goods or clothing. Used as well as new, sorted and unsorted.

For all questions please contact us! We are happy to assist you.    


For all your questions regarding export, import and the offering of goods, we can also speak to you in Arabic.

لجميع أسئلتك بشأن استيراد وتصدير  البضائع ومعرفة احدث التنزيلات يمكننا التواصل معك باللغة العربية

Offer form

If you have photos or relevant files you can send them (max 5MB).

Do you want to offer goods?

If you want to offer goods, you can use our offer form in addition to calling or e-mailing.

Note that you give a good description and the correct numbers. Also whether it concerns specific brands, possible sizes and locations of the goods. Add, for clarification, photos and / or lists to your offer.

We will soon provide you with a response.

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